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We started Know Thyself for those professional advisors searching for a more meaningful and sustainable way of working. Advisors who tell us things like “I know there is another way, but what is it?” “How can I get the self – confidence and ongoing support to work differently?” or “How do I make this approach work for me after all the money and time I have already spent on courses?”

The answer is simple. It starts with you.

We provide personal and professional development programmes that are tailored specifically to your individual developmental needs, and with personal development comes the confidence, vision and commitment to make the relational approach part of the DNA of what you do.

Tina Weeks

Tina Weeks

Tina became the first registered life planner in 2008, and is acknowledged as a leader and innovator in the field of relational financial planning. She is passionate about the works she does, and a ruthlessly compassionate coach.

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